RYM Impact

We’re all about community at Rock Your Month. That’s why we aim to support communities all around the world by dedicating proceeds from every box purchased to women & young girls in need. Whether it’s monetary, educational, or feminine hygiene products – we’re giving back.

From local shelters to rockin’ organizations, we’re here to bring CHANGE! Here are some of the awesome ways we’ve pledged to make those changes throughout our neighborhoods:

  • Pads and feminine hygiene products donated to shelters & support organizations throughout the U.S.
  • Youth programs in underrepresented communities educating teens on proper feminine hygienic care
  • Monetary proceeds to organizations that represent minority community development
  • Feminine hygiene products dedicated to impoverished communities throughout Africa, India, and South America
  • Period product availability & period knowledge resources to Single Father organizations raising awareness for our dads
  • Military resources & feminine hygiene products to our service women stationed near & far 

Want to help us? When you rock your month with us you already are! But another great way to start in YOUR community is through volunteerism. Click here to find local resources & centers through Volunteer Match that could use a hand.

Together – we so rock & can make a huge difference.

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