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It’s halfway through those amazing summer months and we just KNOW there’s pool-side magic and ocean breezes on the radar; and we’re totally here for it!

So what do you do to rock your period when it’s time for a swim???

Rather you’re a novice and figured that part out or just dipping your toes into the idea, check out this month’s amazing read to find out how we roll with the tide, go with the flow, sway with the current; well, you get it!! <<wink>>

This month brings you:

• The ultimate period how-to for poolside fun
• Hilarious period memes to keep the party going
• Today’s playlist with period-inspired tunes
• And Dad Corner’s Back with a rockin’ period convo how-to!

Ready to “dive” in?! (See what we did there) We’re with you! And while you’re at it, drop some of your smokin’ hot ideas here for a feature in our coming R.Y.M. Time Newsletter!

Get to reading & leave your comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

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