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CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S AUGUST ALREADY?!? We’re totally with you, it’s insane! And while the summer’s swiftly ticking down, there’s still time to enjoy it, period style!

“Well How Do We Do That R.Y.M.?”

You seriously ask some of the best questions… We pulled our summer thinking caps out, put our crafty minds together, and let the (period) ideas flow! The result: Some amaze end of summer ideas to keep you rockin’!

You simply MUST read on for:

• The BEST period-friendly Staycation ideas
• Post-Menstrual drinks to help bounce back
• The truth about Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
• And our Dad Corner’s with Peter Thomas, co-founder of The Penny Pack

Ready to dig in?! We’re with you!

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