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Guess what time of the month it is?!?!
(Hint: It DEFINITELY involves periods…)

In fact, its a total PERIOD CELEBRATION because Menstrual Hygiene Day is almost here! We totally agree it should come once a month (like a monthly visitor we’re so fond of…), but we can’t all be so lucky!

So until ’Ol Lady Luck changes, click below to find out how we celebrate this annual period holiday and how you can support too!!!

PLUS, read on for:

• Tips to a smoother & happier period

• Products you NEED to rock your period

• How to raise period awareness in 2022

• A real love super-hero saving the world (one period at a time)

Ready to dig in?! We’re totally with you! And while you’re at it, drop some of your smokin’ hot ideas here for a feature in our coming R.Y.M. Time Newsletter!

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Til next month!

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