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You did it! You made it! You roughed those cold winter months, rainy spring days, and you finally made it to SUMMER! Pack away the sweaters (optional), bring out that amazing outfit you’ve been hiding, grab your fav summer drink, and come celebrate with us! 😆

Rock Your Month, how do YOU celebrate summer???
Great question you fabulous reader you! We celebrate by bringing awesome reads (and products) to keep period vibes high! So let’s whip out this months R.Y.M. Time and get straight to it!

This month you’ll find:

• The BEST way to a happier healthier period
• The truth about Juneteenth
• A period-hero with no age barrier
• And how to pack (period style) for your vacay!

Ready to dig in?! We’re totally with you! And while you’re at it, drop some of your smokin’ hot ideas here for a feature in our coming R.Y.M. Time Newsletter!

Get to reading & leave your comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

Til next month!

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